May I commend to you Marion Play Home a School for Special Need Children. We love children because they are innocent, simple and open in and out. Here are a number of kids with prolonged innocence. When a child is born we are prepared to receive him/her. We reschedule our programmes to suit the new situation. We enjoy our time with him/her and consider his/her presence a pleasant inconvenience. But what about those children whose mental growth is unduly delayed; physically grown up but mentally lagging much behind; for how many years do they need care and even that for good or bad? Here the innocent childhood creates a disturbing presence. It is worrying. The situation becomes worse when such a child is born in a poor family; both the mother and the father go out to earn their daily bread. The situation becomes much worse when one of the parents or both of them are sick or old. Even in a well to do family this is just agonizing.

What can we do for these less privileged; to redress the pain of their families? Can we make these children a blissful presence in their families and the society at large? Marion Play Home is trying to make a courageous response to these questions. Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam of the Diocese of Thiruvananthapuram, especially the Orthodox women of the capital city of Kerala have come together to create a Charitable Society to take care of projects of this sort. Come and join this fellowship. They need your prayers, support and encouragement. Our privileges are God's gifts to be shared with the less privileged. Please go through this site and decide how best you can help this charity home.
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